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Smiley Hearts Goes to Laos


Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind, all of life and this world is really a giant, continous schooling system here to teach you something.

Keep exploring.

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Finally, after having long desired it, Smiley Hearts' first project came true. Thanks also to your contribution for my birthday I managed to turn a desire of the heart into reality.

Helping those who are less fortunate and in difficult conditions is a will that has grown along with me. Starting to put it into practice made me so happy that I hope to be able to transmit it with this text, even if I think that the images, expressions and the eyes do it better.

Last December I left with the desire to donate my time, energy, support and material help to the wonderful population of Laos. Through the association "International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)" and with the help of the local "Green Lion" I participated for two weeks in the "Childcare" project.

The first day of meeting those kids with these big and full of trust eyes, will remain imprinted like a wave of infinite and deep emotions just like those of the ocean. With little you do a lot, you share, create and grow. How grows the realization that in the end what we gave is infinitely less than what we received. Though everything counts, it's important and precious.

Heartfelt thanks go to the people of Laos living example, despite the history, adversity and darkness of how we can keep the heart open and delicate. People ready to smile at those foreigners - Falang - with a sincerity and disarming openness. Despite all that they have suffered, the countless bombs still present on a vast part of the country ready to explode, they do not have in their eyes any trace of anger or closure and even less desire for revenge.

Thank you for showing me how great the human soul is when kept with love.


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